Wednesday, August 16, 2017

How to Keep Your Heart Healthy

red heart stethoscope.jpeg
Learn how to read your symptoms.

Heart disease is the number one killer of women in the United States, but the symptoms are often ignored until it’s too late.  Despite various warning signs, men and women can experience pain differently, which can make it harder to diagnose.

For instance, men are known to feel extreme pressure like a few thousand pounds of weight on their chest. On the other hand, women may not even feel any chest pressure, despite suffering a heart attack.  However, there are symptoms that you should be aware of because they could save your life.

The first is extreme exhaustion.  Women often excuse excess fatigue because of their full schedule of juggling home and work as a normal part of life.  Yet, when you feel unusually drained despite taking it easy, then this is your clue to see your doctor.

Dizziness can also indicate a heart attack is looming in your future.  

Another sign to pay attention to is if you become short of breath doing normal things that you do every day.  

Feeling nauseated a lot and blaming it on acid reflux is something that needs to be checked out, not left alone.  

Another clue is upper abdominal pain that you might dismiss as gas or a gynecological issue.  

Of course, you could feel heavy pressure in your chest, but this not always the case for some women.  This type of intense pain spreads from the upper back and shoulder to the neck and jaw.

If you notice any of the above, then it’s important to see your doctor and get tested.  In fact, ask for a complete blood count test (CBC) to find out.

Your normal numbers of the following should read:

1.    Total Cholesterol–under 200
2.     LDL or Bad Cholesterol–under 100
3.     HDL or Good Cholesterol–50 or above
4.     Triglycerides–under 150
5.     Blood Pressure–under 120/80
6.     Fasting Glucose–under 100

This information is not meant to diagnose, but educate and encourage you to get a checkup by your doctor at least once a year.  Women often neglect themselves because they feel they’re too young to have anything serious like heart disease happen to them.  

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Garnier Ultra-Lift Anti-Wrinkle Firming Moisturizer Review

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Garnier Ultra-Lift.jpeg
Have you tried this product yet?

Since I had never tried Garnier Ultra-Lift Anti-Wrinkle Firming Moisturizer, I thought it was worth investigating to see how this drugstore brand would perform.

This product has vitamin E, pro-retinol and rice peptides for anti-aging and adding moisture to the skin.  It also has broad spectrum SPF of 15, too low in my opinion.  A more desirable SPF that I usually look for is at least 30 for daily use. 

The product comes with a pump to dispense, which I think is important to keep it more sanitary than dipping fingers into a bottle or jar.  This made for a good start.  However, this container pumps out far too much lotion at once.  

Regardless if it is only a $14.99 product, you will end up wasting some because you don’t need that much for an application.  This has a thick consistency, almost like a cream than a runny lotion.  

Even though I have a dry complexion, this scented product didn’t feel like it completely absorbed into the skin.  My face was shiny and felt somewhat sticky to touch. Perhaps, I put too much on.  

Therefore, I kept using it for about a week. I wish that I could say it firmed up wrinkles and did wonders for my complexion, but I still looked shiny, sticky and basically the same.

Then again, Garnier Ultra-Lift could work differently on your complexion. This is just the result of my personal experience.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Some Helpful Spices That Have Healing Benefits

Spices can do more than just flavor foods.

Spices flavor foods, but they also have other value.  Some spices are also known for having medicinal properties they can help improve certain health conditions. For instance, ginger helps calm an upset stomach whether from motion or morning sickness to nausea due its gingerol that works in the gastrointestinal tract. This same chemical also has the ability to alter the path of prostaglandins that cause inflammation resulting in less arthritis and migraine pain.

One thing to remember is ginger ale does not necessarily contain ginger if you’re looking for this product for relief.  Read labels and make sure that you see “ginger” or “gingerroot” in the ingredient list. 

Another spice that is worth adding to your diet on a daily basis is cinnamon.  This spice can help lower blood sugar and triglycerides, LDL  (bad cholesterol).  It also has antibacterial properties for the body. Furthermore, cinnamon is wonderful for freshening your breath and defending teeth from cavities.

Red chili pepper flakes are excellent if you happen to suffer from inflammation.  This is because this spice has capsaicin, which can ease that pain.  Also acting as an anticoagulant, its chemical makeup can help thin the blood a bit for heart health.  Yet, this is not all red chili pepper flakes can do since they’re also capable of destroying carcinogens and assisting the immune system.  

Black pepper is also a spice that can do your body good.  It has piperine to assist with enzyme activity and to improve blood flow, necessary to disperse the nutrients without losing their value throughout the digestion process.

How can we forget turmeric?  It has curcumin that reduces harmful proteins that can hurt the brain as well as help battle dangerous gastrointestinal bacterial in the digestive system. 

Learning to season with these spices in your recipes is a great way to ward off some potential future health problems.  Before introducing any new spice or vitamins in your diet, be sure to check with your doctor first. Some spices, herbs or vitamins are not advised with certain medications so keep that in mind.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Are You Searching for a Way to Volumize Thin Lips Without Using a Plumping Product?

business woman with thin lips.jpeg
This beauty listens intently.

As we age, we lose lip volume. If you are starting to notice that your lips are less plush than they used to be, lip plumping products are one way.  Yet, you might not care for the stinging effect due to the slight swelling they may cause.  

Changing your technique when applying lip color is another way that you can build up lip volume.  You might want to start by lightening up from an extremely dark lipstick shade to a medium range shade.  This slightly lighter color won’t make the lips appear so narrow.  

lipstick line.jpeg
Play with a range of lipstick colors.

After you apply the lipstick, then you want to take a tissue and carefully wipe some of it  from the middle of your top lip, just below the cupid’s bow.  To make up for removing some of that color, you need to pull out your lipstick stash again and replace what is missing with a pale color lipstick.  

You’ll notice the subtle difference of how the center of your lips seemed to gain plumpness through switching out color in that area once you rub your lips together!

I also shared another makeup tip for volumizing lips that uses foundation, concealer and white pencil that you might want to try as well.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

How to Clean Curling Irons of Hair Styling Product Residue

curling iron.jpeg
This DIY cleaning tip works perfectly to remove all stickiness!

Think of all the products that you use when styling your hair.  Those gels, waxes, mousse, texture creams, hair sprays, etc. can accumulate on your hot styling tools like your curling iron to become a sticky mess over time.  However, there is a way to clean off that product buildup easily that I want to share with you.

What you do is to take a little baking soda and mix with enough water to form a paste.  Get a clean cloth and carefully rub this mixture over the sticky area of your tool.  Rinse your cloth so it is not too wet, then wipe the paste off.  Dry your tool with another cloth and test how it feels.

If you notice any more stickiness, you can treat the tool again with more of the paste.  Repeat the process until you get a smooth feeling surface.

Allow your styling tool to thoroughly dry before attempting to plug it into your electrical outlet.  Honestly, you will be surprised at how wonderfully this little trick works to restore styling tools like a curling iron back to its former glory!

Friday, August 11, 2017

California North Self Tanner and Gelskin Scrub Review

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self tanner.jpeg
This 16-oz. size  retails for $49.

When I was a teenager, I used to like to sunbathe and work on my tan.  Later, I learned the dangers about risking your health to melanoma and premature aging of the skin.  Afterwards, I took precautions to avoid possible skin cancer and preventing deep wrinkles and those white spots some people get from spending too much time in the sun.

For the most part, I don’t regularly go in for self-tanners. The reason is my coloring is fair with yellow undertones. Some self-tanners left me with more of an unnatural orange color than an authentic tan shade. I had tried others that produced a better tan, but were much too much trouble.  Still others I experimented with were hard to use to get an even tan. 

Thursday, August 10, 2017

How Not to Let Critics Crush Your Spirit

smiling upbeat woman.jpeg
This beauty smiles because nothing now will stop her.

The world is full of all kinds of people with personalities that not always mesh well together.  Some people will automatically like you while others will not.  You do not even have to know these people, but they are out there, especially if you are in the public eye.

The reason behind their motivation to waste time to deliberately want to hurt others never ceases to amaze me.  It is hard to explain what makes people have such hatred festering in their hearts that the only way that they might feel better about themselves is through hurting others.  Maybe this is the fuel that helps them burn through their own frustrated lives, which is sad.  Yet, with the miserable state of the economy, global tensions, it is easy to understand.  Still, it is no excuse for spewing their hatred to other souls.

This negativity could be happening to you at work from a boss or co-worker to keep you in your place.  After all, you might want a raise or someone else does this out of nothing but jealousy to cripple your performance.  

Despite what these suffering people may do to lift their own sense of self-worth, I’m saying that it is better to brush them off.  Instead of letting their negative energy in, the best way to remain positive is to block it from your mind.  Otherwise, you will be stuck in that darkness and exactly where that critic wants you to be.

Energy returned in anger keeps you from anything productive.  It is useless trying to make all people like you because they won’t.  Concentrate on whatever task is on hand to the best of your ability without allowing this negative energy to distract you from what you can do or choose to do and you will remain on track to your goal.

The next time a situation like this happens to you, you need to power up with words that will materialize in positive thoughts.  Focus on helpful thoughts such as you can do it or anything is possible, keep your goal in mind, and keep working toward it with love in your heart and you will reach it!

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

A Shortcut for Laundering Hand-Washed Delicate Pieces

A new colander can come in handy.

A delicate piece of clothing or lingerie that needs hand-washed can be inconvenient if you have limited space or wash something like stockings or a bra and hang in your bathroom.  The freshly washed piece can drip, cause a mess or cause problems if you share the space with someone.  However, there is a simple solution to avoid any mess or inconvenience to any family member or roommate that I want to share with you.

What I like to do is use a colander (not the one for cooking, but a new one) just for this purpose of laundering my delicate pieces.  You can do one or two pieces, then rinse them in the colander. Using a new colander makes it quicker for the pieces to drain before taking them to their new location to dry.

Try buying a colander for laundering your delicate items, too!  You’ll save yourself so much time and trouble.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Merkaela Summer 2017 Alive Box Review + Coupon

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Merkaela ALIVE box.jpeg
This box is more than natural products.  It can help you connect with yourself.

Those seeking to take a holistic approach for health and well-being need a natural health and wellness subscription box like Merkaela.  This box offers a quarterly collection of health, beauty and wellness products based on a theme to help clear and purify body, mind and spirit like the fascinating collection I discovered in their ALIVE box with their chemical-free, all natural, organic products.